Decorated Duck Competition & Duck Request Form

Following the huge success in both 2015 & 2016 for the Decorated Ducks Competition, where the public vote for the best decorated duck 2017 will see Lyme Regis go Quackers once again as shop windows and pavements are the scene of our Decorated Duck Competition to find Lyme’s Carnival Duck Queen!  Highlights of which can be seen further down this page in a short video.

Over a hundred decorated ducks can be viewed across the town from the Seafront to The Town Mill and beyond as the businesses of Lyme Regis put there creative talents on show.

Voting slips will be available throughout the town during Regatta & Carnival Week with all the ducks gathering on the afternoon of Friday of Carnival week in our Seafront Lounge to find out who will be crowned our Carnival Queen.

Courtesy of Amid Giants & Idols Coffee House Lyme Regis here is a wonderful round up of the 2015 Carnival Ducks that featured during Carnival Week

Lyme Regis Businesses would you like to Decorate a Duck?

If you would like your Lyme Regis Business to take part in the 2017 Decorate a Duck Competition please complete the form below:

Application for Carnival Duck
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