The Great Lyme Regis Mural

7th August 2021 - 13th August 2021

There is an artist inside each of us, yearning to get out!

The Great Lyme Regis Mural has been one of our most popular events for many years and is located on the seafront in front of Jubilee Pavilion. It is open every day from Saturday 7th - Friday 13th August, 10:30am - 5pm.

Last year, over 850 individual pictures were painted on the mural. You get four blobs of acrylic paint and a brush. Just find a blank piece of mural space, and express yourself! Just £2 for four colours.

Please: NO WORDS of any kind

Please keep your pictures to a reasonable size to leave room for others. Pictures larger than A4 will be painted over, as the wall is smaller than in previous years.


Event location

Marine Parade Shelters

Marine Parade
Lyme Regis