The Spider Challenge

Friday 9th August 2024

Help! A giant mutant spider has taken over the bowling club and is sitting in its web right in the middle of the bowling green. The only way to combat it is to bowl directly at it. Anyone can try, but for maximum effect all bowls must be released at the same time, from every angle. Enter combat by purchasing a numbered bowl. All entrants spread out around the edge of the green and on the whistle, release their bowls at the spider. Chaos ensues as bowls collide and ricochet, dispatching the spider for ever. When the dust settles, the closest to the centre of the web wins the prize.

A fun way to round off an enjoyable afternoon of recreational bowling for all ages. Entry costs £1.00.

Event location

Lyme Regis Bowls Club

Charles Mercer Green, Monmouth Beach
Lyme Regis