Spectacular Fireworks Display

4th August 2022

Lyme Regis harbour offers an awe-inspiring backdrop for this magnificent display of sound and light.

Watch the pyrotechnic delights from any vantage point along the sea front or in the gardens and enjoy one of the best fireworks displays along the south coast. 

For safety reasons access to the Cobb will be restricted from 9pm.

The Official Bucket Collectors will be out before, during and after the display so please give generously so that we can continue to provide this wonderful display. 

The event is jointly organised by Lyme Regis Regatta and Carnival and Lyme Regis RNLI.

50% of funds raised from the display will be divided equally between the Lyme Regis RNLI and Regatta & Carnival funds.


Event location

The Cobb

Lyme Regis