Duck Race

Thursday 8th August 2024

The next Duck Race is the New Year's Day Duck Race in aid of Lyme Regis Christmas lights. Get your ducks here.


The winning ducks for the 2023 Carnival Week duck race were:

1st duck home £50: duck number 0342 trained by Wilbur
2nd duck home £25: duck number 0179 trained by Gaby Dexter
3rd duck home £10: duck number 0246 trained by Felicity Passmore
Last duck home £5: 1247 trained by Alison Dadswell

Hundreds of rubber ducks will face-off in another thrilling race down the white-water River Lim racetrack to fight for the elusive title of Duck Race Champion 2023. The race starts at Higher Mill flats, Windsor Terrace and ends at Jordan Flats.

For just £1 you can get your duck, watch the race and if your duck wins, you’ll take home those all-important bragging rights!

Duck Race prizes are as follows:
1st duck home £50
2nd duck home £25
3rd duck home £10
and the last duck home £5

Buy your Ducks online and receive your all-important duck numbers by email or purchase from the Carnival kiosk in the Marine Parade Shelters on the seafront during Carnival Week.

Winners not in attendance will be notified.

Will the ducks end up in the Sea?  No, is the quick answer. Our little yellow ducks are used year after year after year, spending the Winter and Spring in training for this wonderful event. They plunge into the River Lim at Higher Mill Flats and paddle madly down stream to be safely scooped up by our wonderful volunteers and a very big net across the river at Jordan Flats.  The ducks are then packed up and have a lovely long Summer break before their training begins again in the Winter.

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Event location

Higher Mill Flats

Windsor Terrace
Lyme Regis